Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Ways To Market Your Real Estate or Any Business On Social Media

Real Estate Agents work hard when it comes to trying to get listings and prospects continuously. The market is tough and very competitive.

The most important thing today is to set yourself apart from the rest of the other Realtors competition. Offer your clients many aren't, offer them...

Learn your area and become an expert. Stay in touch with your community via social media whether it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. 

Join and attend community affairs and help out local organizations. But more importantly offer your clients and potential clients something others can't give, real time information about how you interact with the community. Show and invite them to events and really become apart of their lives. 

Check this...If I only sold on my social media page and asked you to friend me you will not contribute. But if I posted interesting happenings you could be apart of or share with your friends, you would share and re-post and remember me when you need me. 
This is Powerful!
I hope you can really understand how powerful it is taking this position on social media channel. People want to be friended and share with their friends. Give them a reason to.
  • like
  • share
  • retweet
  • follow

Marketing your real estate business online by creating useful  interesting content that attracts people to your c website link. Show in a video you are actively meeting buyers and sellers everyday and resources that will show you in a professional light.without promoting yourself.

Show your potential clients how you will show off their property. If you don't know yourself keep reading ........

Empress your clients by showing them you are a step above in innovative marketing without selling to get the sell.


Tips To Market Your Real Estate Business Online

  • Have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep your list updated about the events you are a part of  with your business. people car about what you are doing and what they can share with their friends. Being social is not blasting them with business all of the time. When you are trusted you will be followed.
  • Email all Brokers and Realtors about your listing
  • Place your listings on community websites that allow it.
  • Use and Facebook Marketplace with your professional creative listing.
  • Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Join LinkedIn as a Realtor.
  • Join and use your pictures and your contact information
Advertising your Real Estate Business should be done on a continuous basis. Google will reward you when you have "citations"( name, number and address) from other websites. Make it count.

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