Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Advertise Your Business Online with Social Media and Other Great Tips

If you have a new business and put together you great website you probably thought everything will fall into place but soon realized you must get the word out yourself or pay others to do it for you. If you want to market online the first thing you will want to do to get the attention of your targeted audience.

Getting the attention can start fast by using Google Adwords. You will have to pay for this but it is very affective. The key is using  the very best keywords to attract the best leads. This is done by using  "keyword phrases' . For instance a single word will atract more clients that will cost you that are not interested in your business. For example if you are advertising " large wooden dog houses" you will not use the term "houses" or " large houses". The longer the keyword phrase the better your response will be of targeted traffic.

Here are a few free ways to advertise your business after your paid marketing is on the way.


3 Ways To Advertise Your Business Online

  1. Blog and article writing online with helpful information you can offer for free about dogs if this is your niche. A helpful blog full of useful information will attract potential clients.
  2. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Answer with helpful comments on other forums and websites leaving your link as a resource.
  4. List your products on craigslist, facebook marketplace or the like. Use a listing program to list your products to look like you spent thousands on marketing.

3 Ways To Advertise Your Business Off-Line

  1. Go to fairs that have commonality to your business.
  2. Tell everyone in your path about your business.
  3. Use giveaways to spread the word.

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