Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Add Get 1,000's of Targeted Twitter Followers To Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a mystery to so many people and intimidating to many more. Everyone in business knows that they must have a twitter account and followers in their social media marketing but knowing how to tap into this phenomenal resource is what's whats holding many back. My goal is to make adding Twitter and followers as simple as possible.

I will also show you how to get targeted Twitter followers in your local area if necessary. Excited yet? Great...Here goes.......

How To Open A Twitter Account

Opening a Twitter account is very simple and straight forward. You will go to and see this sign up page. Click sign up and add in the requested information.

The next page will look like this!

You will have to confirm you account by clicking on the link in your email account. You now have your Twitter account!

How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder

Now that that is done you will need to get followers by first doing the following of targeted twitter users with Tweet Adder . You will get a user manual with your download. This software will have to be downloaded onto your computer. Set up your account  now at TweetAdder.

Follow 200 users a day to stay out of trouble with twitter and don't be fooled into getting fake twitter followers that only make you look good but don't produce prospects for your service or business.  What you will need is a software called TweetAdder to target the twitter account users to your specifications.

The sign up process is similar but there is a cost for this service. This software is what makes tweeting and getting followers and much more easy and less intimidating. You only have to go through growing pains once! Hang in there! The money and follower will be well worth it.

Look at this great dashboard! You have to think of your Twitter account as your new car and Tweet Adder as premium gasoline! Without gasoline you will have to push your car getting no where fast.

  1. Go to "Tweet Search" and add search term (keywords). Example: chocolate lovers
  2. Give "Location" and "Miles" information if you are looking for nearby prospects for your local business.
  3. Click "Search Now". You will click "Stop" on about page 6 or so to get a little over 200 searches. You will have to experiment. You can hit search to start over. No worries.
  4. Click "Export Checked" to create a file with users and save on your computer.

  In case your wondering about sending out your tweets, I want you to know that this incredible software can automate your tweets and  use RSS feed and Google Alert Feed to supply your twitter accounts with information while you do more important business task. Get your Follow Adder and set your Twitter in high speed!

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