Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Get Leads For Your MLM or Other Business Program

No matter what service or MLM program you are in, you need leads  and signups to be successful. The more the merrier! As a long time sales person I know how stressful it is to figure out ways to convince people to sign up to your business. 

People Don't Like To Be Sold

I know you don't like to be sold and neither does any body else. However, people loved to be educated and taught how they can live better. Forget about the salesperson in you and use the consultant that wants to come out. Being helpful and informative will make people stay and want more.

What Can You Do For Them?
Now that you know you are in the helping business, you will also want to know you are in the giving business as well. That's right, giving is equivalent to asking for a date versus asking for marriage at a first meeting. Selling is a courtship. You have to build trust, give a gift, give some more and ask for a favor.
Example: After reading a very informative article online you will most likely see an invitation to a "free recipe", "free course" or "free training" in exchange for your "name" and "email". The chances of you giving this information is high because of the trust and authority earned in that well written article.

You went through the process of setting up a funnel that is now generating you some leads. That great and this list should always be nurtured. However, this list is what you will use to send your qualifying survey, more free training and other useful information and occasional recommendations you will be paid for.

Call of Actions
Now that you are in a cycle of giving information and building a trust relationship with your growing list/prospect you can offer your business in an email anytime you need. Your list has already established they are interested in what your business is all about all you have to do is tell them about the product and free trial if it is offered. You now have contact with people that was not ready to buy but showed interest. You can spoon feed them information until they want to purchase you product from you. Good Luck and Stay Well!

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