Monday, November 5, 2012

Web Design Training

Affordable website design and development is priceless but getting paid large sums of money to design others is life changing. Working online and selling products through affiliate marketing makes it mandatory to have professional websites and content more often than not. We need websites for landing pages, content and for developing our own product.

There are more people than ever getting an online presence for their brick and mortar business not to mention the many people getting into Internet based businesses that need to market with their own personal website.

Have you ever heard the saying if you can't do teach. Well for those of us that aren't into affiliate marketing, MLM, ecommerce or blogging we can make our money by selling our services as a graphic designer or content developer.

There are website design training online that cause a fraction of the cost of a trade school or college that you can have live instructors and unlimited access to video help to allow you to learn at your own pace.

If your already spending time online and have learned your way around the computer why not learn how to make money developing websites for others. This is an every growing field that promises to reward you greatly many times over.

Affordable Web Design Training

Here are the first 6 class description to a great online course with "The that will allow you to pay as your go and have your making money in less than 17 weeks. 

Week 1 – Getting Clients
Right away, we’ll start working with real clients! You’ll discover where to get your first client (we’ll help you if you can’t find one) and you’ll learn the secrets to interviewing them so your project will be set for success.
Week 2 – Lead Generation
This lesson will give you all the work you can handle, make clients beg to work with you and supply you with an endless flow of projects.
Week 3 – SEO and Domains/Hosting
This week we’ll get into building websites! You’ll set up hosting for your site and purchase a domain (we’ll talk about how you can earn recurring income with hosting) and you’ll learn about SEO.
Week 4 – Building Websites in WordPress
This week we’ll build your first website – from scratch! In just 52 minutes! You’ll learn why WordPress is the best, fastest way to build websites and why clients need and will pay good money for these types of sites. We’ll also cover e-commerce, newsletter forms, social media integration, blogs and more.
Week 5 – Graphics and Images
This week, you’ll learn how you can get all the graphics you need at a very low price and, in some cases, completely free of charge. If you want to create your own graphics, like logos or headers, we’ll also teach you how to do that in Photo shop.
Week 6 – Copy writing and Testing
You’ll learn how to write copy for a website so visitors want to buy and return. We’ll also test your website so you can confidently give it to your client knowing it’ll increase their business.

Benefits To Learn Web Development Online

  • low cost
  • increase worth
  • high demand
  • your the boss
  • work at home
  • become certified
  • seo/marketing
  • graphics
  • more!
If you want to be able to build and market your own website, become a professional web designer and want to be able to command a great income this is the course for you. Click the link and see what could be waiting for you. "Learn Web Development" has everything your need and more.

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