Sunday, November 4, 2012

Your Money Is In Your Email Opt In List! Email Marketing System

I know you have heard that your money is "In The List" . This is true. If your are doing any type of business online you will have to except the fact that you are letting thousands of visitors go to never see again!   This is costing you thousands of dollars. The most successful affiliate marketers use autoresponders. Don't continue to let money run right through your fingers.

Building a list means setting up a lead capture system that will allow your visitors to leave their information before leaving. You are probably wondering why they would do such a thing. You may have done this before yourself. Have you ever been promise something valueable but had to leave your information in order to get it? Of course your have. That is a lead capture system.

What is An Email Marketing System?

 An email marketing system is online software that after collection information in a form automatically sends messages to your subscriber thus growing your list.

Why Is A Email System Important?

This growing list is how you will later resell your similar products to.You can maintain several campaigns for multible affiliate businesses. It is ran by an email marketing service such as is a very popular and reliable email marketing service they offer a 30 day trial for only a is free up to 1,000 subscribers and perfect for affiliate marketer just getting started.
  1. You will first have to have an autoresponder set up to send the promised information as well as the follow up information for weeks or months to come.
  2. Your article or ad will refer your visitor to your website.
  3. You will have an website site set up with a form for your visitor to feel out. Of course this form is connected to your autoresponder.
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This was only and example of how the system works. Take the free trial and learn how to work the system. Never think you have to be perfect. Just do it! You can always correct your online business as you grow. But when you have the proper set up you will begin building your list.

When you went to the sample link above you would have seen that the set up could have been better. The link could have been on a website about computers or electronics but it wasn't. All the visitor cared about was getting the information promised from the link they clicked. Of course you will set up better than this my point is to free your mind to begin. Once you begin and know that perfection can wait there will be no stopping you.

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