Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Market Your Real Estate Business Like An Agent For The Rich And Famous

By Darlene Matthews

Real Estate is competitive and as an agent you want to stay ahead of the game. As Realtors we already have access to thousands of others on and off the Internet. However so does every other agent! We have to set ourselves apart from the others.

When you are an experience agent or well connected you will find that your work is basically cut and dry sought to speak. The details may have to change but the business is the same.

 However the newer or part-time agents that need extra help being noticed will have to use the same venue but with help which I am offering to make every effort count. Saying that I want to add that many of you have used these methods but they need to be repeated for those that need it.

I know how it feels to struggle to get noticed and not have all of the answers. This is what prompt me to write this article. When I was trying to post pictures everywhere they where destroying my image before I could have one. A very nice experienced agent told me about you can post your pictures in a professional format and they will post it to Zillow and other social media groups in a single click and the best part is that they are FREE! Never put an ugly ad out again.

Market Your Real Estate Business Like The Rich And Famous!

If you want to create your own presence and look as if you've been in the business for years you want to visit Here you can make your own website, presentations, flyer's, and slide shows of your listing and post them in emails or anywhere online and so much more. You will look like a Realtor for the stars. It has a monthly cost but is affordable and worth it.

How To Market Your Real Estate Business

  • Tell every Realtor and Broker about you listing.
  • Go to open houses that are similar to your listing . Remember the people coming in are your leads, if they don't like what they see you offer them something else.
  • Tell you leads about your listing just in case they have a friend looking.
  • List your listings on facebook, linkedIn and your own personal blog.
  • Use but be sure not to list the same property closer than 24 hours. Use a listing program to  assure your listing is professional and stands out.

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